Welcome to eWaterbilling.com

eWaterbilling.com offers affordable billing and accounting services to water cooperatives, mutual domestic associations, home associations and rural municipalities.


Basic services are based on four key features.
1. Professional Accountant/Bookkeeper
2. Remote Based System
3. Optional Services with an Hourly Rate or Fixed Price
4. Nationally Recognized Software


General Services
Metered or non-metered water billing services includes, water, wastewater, taxes, and other miscellaneous charges.


Accounting and bookkeeping services includes customized financial statements, yearly fiscal budgets, cash flow analysis and adjusting journal entries.


Why eWaterbilling.com?
Most organizations do not have the time to keep up with all the responsibilities of managing a water system. An experienced accountant/administrator allows organizations to run their community water systems more professionally.


A knowledgeable water systems accountant/bookkeeper will save a community water system money by ensuring that state and federal requirements are met efficiently and accurately. Water customers are billed according to organizational policies ensuring that they are treated equitably and on a timely basis.


eWaterbilling.com provides skill and industry experience without the overhead! Lower your administrative costs on computers, printers, accounting/billing software and other general expenses.